Hockey Ballito

The Rise Hockey Academy is set to be the premier Hockey Academy in Ballito. Chantel Robert – Head of Rise Hockey Academy Ballito, a former KZN player and KZN U13 hockey coach, saw the need to get our children back to the fundamentals of Hockey. ‘I believe as much as the game has changed over the years, there is one thing that does not change: the basics of hockey. Before our children can learn the fancy, they need to learn the basics, before our children can be provincial players, they need to learn to respect and love the game from all angles and I firmly believe what Rise Sport Hockey Academy is going to bring to the Ballito and Umhlali area is going to be something, new and exciting that will benefit the players and coaches in their school and club hockey.’

At the Rise Hockey Academy we aim to address the need for  professional coaching and development, to advance the game for the benefit of both new and seasoned players in the Ballito area.

We wish to continue to grow and improve the standards of Hockey for our children starting from u6 and following through to their high school careers. 

Our aim is to ensure the Rise Hockey Academy, Ballito offers the highest quality coaching and staff, to equip not only players but also coaches and umpires from around our area. 

Based at Curro Salt Rock we run different skills and drills sessions for different level of skilled hockey players. The Rise Hockey Academy is not a club but a skills and development Academy that will develop all players in their hockey careers. We have sessions aimed at beginners and more advanced skilled players. We will not only do skills and development, but players will be coached by qualified top coaches to learn all aspects of the game, become versatile players and even learn how to umpire for our U12’s and up giving each player a full understanding and experience of the game. 

The 4 Pillars of Rise Hockey Academy

  1. Respect – At Rise Hockey Academy we want our players to learn to respect the game, their fellow team mates,  their opposition and their match officials. 
  2. Inspire – We want to inspire the youth to Rise above their circumstances and find passion and joy and we believe that we can help them to do this on the sports field, namely the hockey field.  
  3. Support – We believe that being part of a place that has a sense of belonging is missing in our youth of today. We want to be a place where young sportsmen and woman can find support in their field of chosen sport, as well as with their mental and social well being as they navigate their sporting careers. 
  4. Equip – We want to equip young sports men and woman with the skills and ability to not only go out onto the field with a better understanding of the game but also to learn how to enjoy the game and always have fun. By doing this we believe we will be equipping them with good sportsmanship for their future careers. 

Rise Hockey Academy is not just about empowering and training top players but equipping our coaches in our local schools with the right tools and certifications to coach at school level as well as Umpire. 

We are excited to take, players, coaches and umpires on a fun, learning, hockey journey in the Community of Ballito.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Academy launching in the 1st term of 2023 please complete the interest form below so we can send you more information on dates and sessions for relevant age groups or contact Chantel on 0823501677.

Hockey Academy Ballito